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Forum » Join SuperNatural » SN - Applications » dragontamerv application (my application)
dragontamerv application
dragontamervDate: Sunday, 05 Apr 2009, 10:52 PM | Message # 1
Group: Guest
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RuneScape User Name


F2P Combat Level

113 almost 114

P2P Combat level


IRC User Name On Swift Kit/Swift Switch (must be registered)


In-Game Picture Of Your Stats

didnt let me load i rlly tryed but ye i am 99 str 78 def 87 mage 95 hp 91 attack 70 prayer 92 range 68 summoning

Picture Of your PVP/P2P Multi Pking Gear/Invetory

most people would post a picture but a picture is a picture u can lie (also couldnt post lol) u can wear ur best gear and say oo this is my pking gear
but most situatuion u hav different gears like ranging i would wear d bow or rune c bow or msb with blk d hide snake skin boots archer helm
meele i would wear helm of n d hide wip dds.... so on so onblah blah blah
mage i would wear i combination ahrims and mystic as i dont need to rislk 8mil
hybridding i would bring a bit of all

What Clans/Teams Have You Previously Been In And For How Long?

none as i dont trust them i got scammed from one i was about to join

Reason For Leaving Your Previous Clans/Teams? (Must Say If You Got Kicked)

wasnt in one

Any Previous Accounts You Have Played On

this is my main

Reason For Joining SuperNatural

seems like a trust worthy clan i hav fun pking i like mage bank pking but always get teamed or sumthing

Where Did You Hear About SuperNatural?

soz owned

Why Do You Feel That You Deserve To Be Accepted As A Member Of SuperNatural?

i hav fun pking and more fun team pking if i said i think i deserve to be in it i am biased in my favor but if i hav to i think i should bee in sn because i can take on a team of people and more is a good asset to the team

Tell Us More About Your Pking Expreince/Any Special Skills

been pking since old wildy i honor pk almost never bring tabs as that space takes up one food with that one food you can win the fite has helped me many times, fast at switching from wip to dds not using hotkeus


soul swarmer, diedguy4

Do You Have Any Problems With Any Members Of SuperNatural?

yes all of them they all smell, just kidding no problems

Tell Us Something About You (e.g. Name, Age, Hobbies)

another thirteen year old but i am more mature then most the 13 years olds that play rs as i dont cuss at the smallest thing and i hav a rather high iq think i am a snob or w/e but remember its a game i cant be all well blah blah blah smart on a game

Time Zone


Do You Agree To Not Only Be Active In-Game But Also On Forums And The IRC Channel #Soz? As Well As Understanding That SN Is An Active Pk'ing Clan And Failure To Uphold An Acceptable Level Of Activity Could Result In A Kick?

i full understand and agree to be active pking i pk everyday y wouldnt i come pking

Have You Read and Do You Agree To Follow The Rules of SuperNatural Posted Here Throughout The Full Time You Are A Member?

yes i agree

Anything Else You Wish To Say May Be Added Here:

whether u accept me or not i wont cuss about it this is just for team pking i am currently makng money to pk 24/7 pking is my hobby i do it for fun and i get good drops so thank you for taking the time to read my application

ConnorsheehyDate: Monday, 06 Apr 2009, 1:27 AM | Message # 2
Group: Banned
Messages: 876
Reputation: 14
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Quote (dragontamerv)
soul swarmer, diedguy4

Err there not even in the clan? and no pics= declined gf

Frail_WingDate: Monday, 06 Apr 2009, 2:41 AM | Message # 3
Group: Guest
Messages: 627
Reputation: 7
Status: Offline
ever heard of pics?
cuz you need some.
1337_pkin1Date: Monday, 06 Apr 2009, 3:41 AM | Message # 4
Group: Guest
Messages: 157
Reputation: 3
Status: Offline
need pics....

Boozeman27Date: Monday, 06 Apr 2009, 4:17 AM | Message # 5
Group: Guest
Messages: 41
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
you'll need a picture, take one by print screen and use paint, then upload it on
you should defenitly get them, if you have em, you'll get in
Soz_OwnedDate: Monday, 06 Apr 2009, 5:58 AM | Message # 6
Group: Leader
Messages: 4199
Reputation: 121
Status: Offline
What is this? Your stupid, not gonna lie.
You need pictures to prove that it's your account and it's just easier for us. No1 wants to read ur stats.
Forum » Join SuperNatural » SN - Applications » dragontamerv application (my application)
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