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Forum » Join SuperNatural » SN - Applications » Zyox1 application. (Application for SN.)
Zyox1 application.
zyox1Date: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 1:13 AM | Message # 1
Group: Guest
Messages: 1
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Status: Offline
RuneScape User Name


F2P Combat Level


P2P Combat level


IRC User Name On Swift Kit/Swift Switch (must be registered)


In-Game Picture Of Your Stats

Picture Of your PVP/P2P Multi Pking Gear/Invetory


Picture of A Recent Pk You Have Gotten (Not Necessary)


What Clans/Teams Have You Previously Been In And For How Long?

I have never been in a clan before.. just pk with some mates atm.

Reason For Leaving Your Previous Clans/Teams? (Must Say If You Got Kicked)


Any Previous Accounts You Have Played On

Q Lord5 (perm banned).

Reason For Joining SuperNatural

I just wanna K0 some noobs in PvP with a good and friendly clan.

Where Did You Hear About SuperNatural?

I saw it in Soz Owned's Pk video.

Why Do You Feel That You Deserve To Be Accepted As A Member Of SuperNatural?

I am a pretty good pker, im ready to fight till the end and i won't leave clanmembers alone if another clan/team is coming... im not a fast tele-er.
And i follow the rules.

Tell Us More About Your Pking Expreince/Any Special Skills

Well im not a noob pker who die's every minute if u think that:p.. I think im a pretty good pker.
1v1 or with a team.. I barrage for you if u want me to.. and i will tb for you if you want me to, I dont care.
btw; im a tanker.



Do You Have Any Problems With Any Members Of SuperNatural?

No, i dont think so.

Tell Us Something About You (e.g. Name, Age, Hobbies)

My name is Donny, im 14 years old and i come from the netherlands. My hobby's are football and computer and much more things happy .

Time Zone


Do You Agree To Not Only Be Active In-Game But Also On Forums And The IRC Channel #Soz? As Well As Understanding That SN Is An Active Pk'ing Clan And Failure To Uphold An Acceptable Level Of Activity Could Result In A Kick?

Ofcourse i agree.

Have You Read and Do You Agree To Follow The Rules of SuperNatural Posted Here Throughout The Full Time You Are A Member?

I did and yes i follow the rules.

Anything Else You Wish To Say May Be Added Here:

Let's own some?

I___Shot___IDate: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 1:15 AM | Message # 2
Group: Guest
Messages: 212
Reputation: 9
Status: Offline
You don't pk with gear? Thats not very clever.

I-I-O-I-I-0Date: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 1:18 AM | Message # 3
Group: Guest
Messages: 55
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
umm FYI posting ur gear/inv isnt an option, you cant put none...

You don't pk with gear? Thats not very clever.

rofl +1

KaiserDate: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 2:00 AM | Message # 4
Group: Banned
Messages: 1224
Reputation: 22
Status: Offline
Get pic of gear, or gtfo.
Bestmate45Date: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 2:21 AM | Message # 5
Group: Banned
Messages: 138
Reputation: 2
Status: Offline
Ffs dont u people get it u need pic of your pvp gear to be accepted dont bother with app if u not gona fill it out right.......waste of time tbh

gl getting in lmfao smile

Dragon_Scu11Date: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 10:54 AM | Message # 6
Group: Guest
Messages: 180
Reputation: 9
Status: Offline
I can guarantee a DECLINE tbh
NumbersDate: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 11:10 AM | Message # 7
Group: Guest
Messages: 306
Reputation: 5
Status: Offline
please add a picture of your pking gear or it will be a guaranteed ''no''

Soz_OwnedDate: Sunday, 15 Mar 2009, 12:23 PM | Message # 8
Group: Leader
Messages: 4199
Reputation: 121
Status: Offline
Forum » Join SuperNatural » SN - Applications » Zyox1 application. (Application for SN.)
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