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antijarDate: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:30 PM | Message # 1
Group: Guest
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RuneScape User Name

F2P Combat Level

P2P Combat level

99(summoning = poo)

IRC User Name On Swift Kit/Swift Switch (must be registered)

In-Game Picture Of Your Stats

Picture Of your PVP/P2P Multi Pking Gear/Invetory

Picture of A Recent Pk You Have Gotten (Not Necessary)

i havn't got screenies but i got a buncha bh kills which takes no skills loll..

What Clans/Teams Have You Previously Been In And For How Long?

read the one below

Reason For Leaving Your Previous Clans/Teams? (Must Say If You Got Kicked)
from beggining to start , sorry if i forget any, European elites was led by u a e x in summer of 07 the clan eventually died out, Foe i quit because i got 45 def, Sudden death led by e d g v 1 l , a bh clan that eventually died out, lethal fate also another bh clan that died out..

Any Previous Accounts You Have Played On

i use to share with frostydapker idk if you've seen his vids thts basically it me and him use to share antijar but then he quit ='[ RIP bro ='/

Reason For Joining SuperNatural

own it up in pvp LOL

Where Did You Hear About SuperNatural?

hmm vids, ranger x y umm..yeah..
Why Do You Feel That You Deserve To Be Accepted As A Member Of SuperNatural?

i deserve to be a member of supernatural because i will be very dedicated to pvp trips, also i will help with things like forums if i get the chance , also get our name out there..?

Tell Us More About Your Pking Expreince/Any Special Skills

i have been there for it all from old wildy , Duel arena staking, multi bh , single bh and pvp so yh a lotta gud xp pretty gud at hybriding i guess a special skill would be like being able to 2 step while maging..?


ranger x y
d00m archer6
Do You Have Any Problems With Any Members Of SuperNatural?

nope =S

Tell Us Something About You (e.g. Name, Age, Hobbies)

sahil ,15 golf and umm wat all guyz like to do.. wink ;) haha loll!

Time Zone
central U.S timing

Do You Agree To Not Only Be Active In-Game But Also On Forums And The IRC Channel #Soz? As Well As Understanding That SN Is An Active Pk'ing Clan And Failure To Uphold An Acceptable Level Of Activity Could Result In A Kick?

yes i promise =] and yes i do understand.

Have You Read and Do You Agree To Follow The Rules of SuperNatural Posted Here Throughout The Full Time You Are A Member?

Anything Else You Wish To Say May Be Added Here:

im cocky sometimes =]

why drink and drive...when you can smoke and fly

Message edited by antijar - Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:55 PM
LethalDate: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:32 PM | Message # 2
Group: Guest
Messages: 66
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looks like you put alot of time into it but get mage gear.
variorsDate: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:33 PM | Message # 3
Group: Guest
Messages: 13
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nice d claws ^^ seems a good app
NumbersDate: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:33 PM | Message # 4
Group: Guest
Messages: 306
Reputation: 5
Status: Offline
cutting your pictures would make your application look better.
your gear is bad, due to the fact that you have 99 magic and you are not using it.
i suggest you take mystic or at least splitbark and ancient spells or teleblock.
stats are nice tho, good job.

MithDate: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:46 PM | Message # 5
Group: Guest
Messages: 62
Reputation: 3
Status: Offline
Good App :P range of ish ftl

99Att 99Str 99Def 99Mage 99Range 99Hp 80Pray
X_GumbyDate: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 11:59 PM | Message # 6
Group: Guest
Messages: 124
Reputation: 5
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Read your PMs on site.


not black
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