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My application
Wilk04Date: Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009, 6:23 PM | Message # 1
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1) What is your RuneScape name? Wilk04

2) What is your IRC name on Swift Switch/Swift Kit (must be registered)? Wilk04

3) Post a in-game picture of your stats and state your F2P combat level.
I'm 108 in f2p.

4) Reason for joining SN? I used to pk on my old old old pure back in the day, It got perm banned after the wildy update and ever since I've played this main but now I want to get back into pking.

5) What clans/teams have you previously been in and for how long? Desert Pkers for about 3 months up until the day wildy went.

6) Reasons for leaving your previous clans/teams? Wildy update. :P

7) What timezone do you live in? GMT

8) How old are you (Don't have to answer but would really help)? 16

9) Where did you hear about SuperNatural? I'm a big fan of Kids Ranqe / Soz Owned - Saw your pvp vid.

10) Why do you feel that you deserve to be accepted as a member? I've been wanting to join for some time now and no I feel I finially want to pk alot.

11) Do you agree to not only be active in-game but also on forums? As well as understanding SN is an active pk'ing clan and failure to uphold an acceptable level of activity could result in a kick? Yes, I'm on generally most nights after 8pm.

12) Do you agree to follow the rules of SN posted here throughout the full time you are a member? Yup.

13) Do you have any problems with members of SN? If so, have you tried to work them out? Please be honest here. I don't know anyone in here. smile

Anything else you wish to say may be added here: Im perm muted but I can just talk in IRC and I've lived with it for a long time so It doesn't bother me, as long as that's ok for you.

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R3angepwnDate: Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009, 6:34 PM | Message # 2
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Good luck getting in biggrin
Soz_OwnedDate: Thursday, 29 Jan 2009, 9:35 AM | Message # 3
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Cosmic Vengeance
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