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Soyaki's Application
SoyakiDate: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 0:53 AM | Message # 1
Group: Guest
Messages: 3
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Status: Offline

RuneScape User Name


Name Any Other Accounts You Have Played On

I don't have any others.

Registered IRC Nick(s)


F2P/P2P Combat Level

F2P = 119 P2P = 132

In-Game Picture Of Your Stats

Picture Of your Hats/PK Gear/Money

Buying more supplies

Name The Teams/Clans You Have Been In On Any Account And The Reason For Leaving Them/Getting Kicked

Pures of Today - High Council Reason: [Closed], Eruption of Pures Reason:[Went Zerker], Higher Force Reason:[Went 75 Defence]

Why Do You Want To Join SuperNatural?


Where Did You Hear About SuperNatural?

My Friend and Cousin(doesn't play runescape anymore)

Why Do You Feel That You Deserve To Be Accepted As A Member Of SuperNatural?

I love multipking and I'm good at pking.

Do You Have Any Problems With Any Members Of SuperNatural?

Believe not.

Tell Us Something About You (e.g. Name, Age, Hobbies)

Real name: Johnny. Age: 16. Hobbies: Basketball, PS3, etc.

Time Zone




Do You Have A Microphone For Ventrilo?

Yes I do

Have You Read All Of The Requirements And Rules?

Yes I have

Have You Read and Do You Agree To Follow The Rules of SuperNatural Posted Here Throughout The Full Time You Are A Member?

Yes I will

Anything Else You Wish To Say May Be Added Here

I do not.

Message edited by Soyaki - Sunday, 27 Feb 2011, 6:33 AM
Nameless470Date: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 0:57 AM | Message # 2
Group: Guest
Messages: 503
Reputation: 8
Status: Offline
bet some1 will say it looks rushed tongue example the "[IMG]" codes on each side of your picture, and the answers only like "yes" and "-".. tongue

ChaceDate: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 4:22 AM | Message # 3
Group: Guest
Messages: 89
Reputation: 4
Status: Offline
nice account
but application looks rushed

Gf_Your_D3dDate: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 5:32 AM | Message # 4
Group: Guest
Messages: 114
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
fix the img codes sticking out from your pics and whos your friend and cousin? oh and you need to get refferals and post count

Message edited by Gf_Your_D3d - Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 5:33 AM
xiatachiDate: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 8:27 AM | Message # 5
Group: Guest
Messages: 26
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Ay, old POT member, Goodluck man.
InterisDate: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 9:14 AM | Message # 6
Group: Banned
Messages: 1630
Reputation: 22
Status: Offline
remove the "-"'s and you should get the post count
read the rules again

Message edited by Interis - Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 9:14 AM
Soz_OwnedDate: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 10:13 AM | Message # 7
Group: Leader
Messages: 4199
Reputation: 121
Status: Offline
This is not serious at all.
The_Hero406Date: Saturday, 26 Feb 2011, 1:18 PM | Message # 8
Forum Addict
Group: Co-Leader
Messages: 2039
Reputation: 36
Status: Offline
You should write some more stuff, fill out the answers better. Seems kinda rushed.

Stats, gears and hats are good.

Remove [img] codes on the sides of the pics.

Who are your friend and cousin? Would be good if you mentioned any names, so we know if we know them. Would be cool biggrin

Quote (Interis)
remove the "-"'s

No, he's supposed to remove the "xxx", and he did that.

The_Hero406Date: Sunday, 27 Feb 2011, 11:40 AM | Message # 9
Forum Addict
Group: Co-Leader
Messages: 2039
Reputation: 36
Status: Offline
Never showed a sign of being alive since you apped. Come PK today.

Soz_OwnedDate: Sunday, 27 Feb 2011, 11:47 PM | Message # 10
Group: Leader
Messages: 4199
Reputation: 121
Status: Offline
Missed both official trips. If you had something important in real life going on than you should have let us know.

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