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Forum » Join SuperNatural » SN - Applications » I Shot I (Wooo its an application! Shazzam.)
I Shot I
I___Shot___IDate: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:21 PM | Message # 1
Group: Guest
Messages: 212
Reputation: 9
Status: Offline
RuneScape user name

* I---Shot---I

F2P Combat level

* 93

P2P Combat level

* 95

IRC user name on Swift Kit/Swift Switch (must be registered)

* I___Shot___I

Post a in-game picture of your stats


Post a picture of your PVP/P2P multi pking gear


If you have a picture of any PK's please post them here

* None of them are on my current PC. None of them that relevant either.

What clans/teams have you previously been in and for how long?

* None, only in F2P for the past week but i don't pk with any of them anymore. I was with Pr for a short period. Thats it hehe.

Reasons for leaving your previous clans/teams?

* They BS alot, also a strong lack in skill and knowledge.

Reason for joining SuperNatural

* Hmm one of your members suggested it, and its ideal for what i'm looking for.

Where did you hear about SuperNatural?

* Today ^^

Why do you feel that you deserve to be accepted as a member?

* My account is a pretty good tank, with alot of potential, by accepting me not only will you be gaining a good active player but one who will develope and become better the longer hes with you.

Do you have any problems with any members of SuperNatural?

* Not yet angry

Tell us something about you (e.g. Name, Age, Hobbies)

* I'm josh i'm 17 i like runescape! Those are the simplicities of life.

Time Zone


Do you agree to not only be active in-game but also on forums? As well as understanding that SN is an active Pk'ing clan and failure to uphold an acceptable level of activity could result in a kick?

* Yes.

Do you agree to follow the rules of SN posted here throughout the full time you are a member?

* Yes

Anything else you wish to say may be added here:

* Nadda.

InterisDate: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:55 PM | Message # 2
Group: Banned
Messages: 1630
Reputation: 22
Status: Offline
dont pk with range cape & and switch recoil with ring of life. Trust me surprised
Nice app, great tank smile
But can it be that pced ur range? :O

The_Hero406Date: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:58 PM | Message # 3
Forum Addict
Group: Co-Leader
Messages: 2039
Reputation: 36
Status: Offline
Read pm and make topic on "Taking a break/leaving SN" about being away for some days. Welcome bro.

Wolkje_XDate: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:59 PM | Message # 4
Group: SN Elite
Messages: 1060
Reputation: 17
Status: Offline
Good apllication happy

Good luck getting accepted smile

edit: I was to late XD

Message edited by Wolkje_X - Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:59 PM
Soz_OwnedDate: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 7:00 PM | Message # 5
Group: Leader
Messages: 4199
Reputation: 121
Status: Offline
Quote (Wolkje_X)
edit: I was to late XD

Lollar in the bucket
ya makes no sense I know biggrin
Forum » Join SuperNatural » SN - Applications » I Shot I (Wooo its an application! Shazzam.)
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