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Forum » Help & Support » RuneScape Guides » Taco Limey's Guide on Hybridding (Bought it, sharing it with you guys.)
Taco Limey's Guide on Hybridding
KevinDate: Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 1:52 AM | Message # 1
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Hey guys,

Ok so I was bored and decided to buy Taco Limey's Guide on how to hybrid and share it with you guys. Here it is, enjoy!


1.0 - Introduction
In this guide I will explain how to hybrid effectively, with or without any experience. Be sure to read thoroughly so you don’t miss any vital information.

2.0 – Requirements
There are certain requirements to hybrid effectively. These are the stats I recommend in order to hybrid.

2.1- Rune Pures:
60+ Attack
80+ Strength
70+ Range
94+ Magic
43+ Prayer

These are the quest you must complete in order to complete the Recipe for Disaster quest without passing 45 defence:
~Dragon Slayer - 18650 xp
~Defender of Varrock - 10000 xp
~Heroes' Quest - 3075 xp
~Fremennik Trials - 2812.4 xp
~Nature Spirit - 2000 xp
~What Lies Below - 2000 xp
There are other quests that you are recommended to complete but they are not required to obtain Barrow Gloves.

2.2 - Tanks:
90+ Range
94+ Magic
70+ Defence

Tanks don’t have to complete any quest, but it is recommended to obtain
Barrow Gloves. Animal magnetism is needed to use Ava’s accumulator.

2.3 – Mains:
70+ Attack
90+ Strength
70+ Defense
70+ Prayer
94+ Magic

Note: All of the stats listed above are not needed to hybrid, but they are recommended.

3.0 – Gear and Inventory
For every account there are different setups that provide maximum
efficiency when hybriding. I will provide a basic and maximum risk setups
for all 3 different types of accounts.

3.1 – Rune Pure:
Basic Setup

Estimated Risk: 4m

Max Setup

Estimated Risk: 20m

3.2 – Tank:
Basic Setup

Estimated Risk: 1.5m

Max Setup

Estimated Risk: 25m

3.3 – Main
Basic Setup

Estimated risk: 5m

Max Setup

Estimated Risk: 30m

4.0 – Techniques
There are many techniques that most people aren’t aware of. In this section I will explain to you every technique that will give you an advantage over your opponents.

 Memorize your “F keys”, these are located at the top left of your keyboard. They save time, and time is everything in a hybrid fight. I only use the F1, F3, F4, and F5 keys. For example, if you press F5, it will switch to your special attack tab.

 In a hybrid fight after you freeze your opponent, if they are not next to you and you are unfrozen, put on your black d’hide (good mage defence) along with your primary weapon and attack them. Run back and forth while attacking them so its harder for them to catch a freeze or attack you.

 On the other hand, if they are unfrozen and you’re frozen, try to freeze once and if it fails, put on your tank gear. If you manage to freeze them then mage them until you’re unfrozen then repeat what was said above.

 If you are both unfrozen next to each other, if your hp is over 700, quickly put on your mage gear and freeze them, step back and repeat what was said above.

 If you are both frozen next to each other, put on your tank gear and attack them until you are aware that you are unfrozen.

 You should click items in this order to have the quickest switches.
Whip -> Rune Plate -> Rune Defender -> Dragon Skirt

5.0 – Tips
There are tips you should be aware of when hybriding, they will allow you to stay alive and make killing people easier.
1. Always use “F-keys” when possible.
2. Combo eating saves lives, eating a rocktail then sipping a brew will stack at the same time healings lots.
3. If you’re getting specced, quickly put on your tank gear to waste the others person’s special.
4. Pk on safe mode, it will speed up your clicks and switches.
5. Never waste your special attacks when the opponent is in tank gear and/or full hp.
6. Always bring a teleport tablet to your house so if you do die after teleporting you end up outside your house.
7. Be sure to pot after brewing, it is easy to forget when you’re in a fight.
8. Make sure to bring a decent amount of runes so you don’t run out in the middle of a fight.
9. Always PK with your Runescape sounds on, “Sound Effects and Ambient Sounds” should be turned up.
10. If you can afford RAM for your computer, you should buy it because it speeds up switches and reduces lag.
11. Items such as Imbued Rings, Ardy Cloaks, and Chaotic Weapons will give you a great advantage over other players, but they are not needed to hybrid.
12. Practicing in the duel arena with other friends by hybrid fighting will allow you to learn before you begin hybriding in PvP areas.
6.0 – Conclusion
After studying this guide, you should be able to hybrid better than before. With practice and determination hybriding should become a skill set. You will enjoy hybriding as much as I do once you have mastered the techniques and tips.
Many thanks,
Taco Limey

Message edited by Kevin - Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 1:54 AM
The_Hero406Date: Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 12:23 PM | Message # 2
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Nice nice...

Quote (Kevin)
8. Make sure to bring a decent amount of runes so you don’t run out in the middle of a fight.

Soz_OwnedDate: Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 4:22 PM | Message # 3
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I lol'd
Ah Kevin, you little innocent boy.
Wolkje_XDate: Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 6:41 PM | Message # 4
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you bought it? it's on the internet all over the place lol..

KevinDate: Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 8:19 PM | Message # 5
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oh...FML angry

InterisDate: Monday, 28 Mar 2011, 11:56 AM | Message # 6
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lol and he gets money for that?

Frail_WingDate: Saturday, 11 Jun 2011, 3:44 PM | Message # 7
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i feel so0oo0 much more informed.
tmrDate: Saturday, 16 Jul 2011, 3:47 AM | Message # 8
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reading fine,

do a double take when he said "buy"
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